Open Thread

Via Brave New Conversations (FaceBook): Here is the first of the Chat series -- Art, Space and Politics: Shepard Fairey asks Robbie Conal Best kno

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Stranger: Joe Lieberman never forgets a favor. Tomgram: One man's online journey through Bush's Alphabet Soup The Left Coaster: Senate Republica

Mars Landing Successful

'cause I've been a NASA geek since I was a kid... Science Daily: A NASA spacecraft has sent pictures showing itself in good condition after making

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hello, all ye scamps and scoundrels of Crooks and Liars. I'm your round-up guest host for the week, Melissa McEwan, otherwise known as Shakespeare's S

No Choice But Green

Someone tipped me to this blog by Brad Bonham on the imperative we all must accept to do what we can to be more environmentally aware. The alternativ