"Pop-Centric" Warfare Still Kills People

I'm trying to absorb the news in the NYT today that "NATO" helicopters (probably Army Apaches) shot up a group of children who were picking up firewood near a forward operating base that was under fire by insurgents using a mortar. This FOB was in

Petraeus And Karzai Argue

I haven't felt the need to weigh into the recent "he said, she said" war of words between President Hamid Karzai and General David Petraeus. But I am amused with Matt Yglesias's comment on the topic. I don’t really get this.

The Kagans Gloat About Afghanistan

I really thought the day of the Neocon was over when most people admitted what a screw-up the Iraq war had been, from start to almost-finish. But her

Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy? Walter in Denver Just a reminder: Even justified foreign interventions can have unintended long term consequences. Catching U.S. o