Kent Conrad

Rep. Ellison: Don't Let Republicans Ram Bad Deal Down Our Throats

It was nice to hear at least one person in Congress talk about the dangers we're facing with these so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations and that is this moment of panic being used to ram a bad deal through that includes things like cuts to Social Security. Rep. Keith Ellison appeared on Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC and explained why he could not vote for any deal that doesn't protect the working class and our social safety nets and that "if you're talking about cutting Social Security, I'm not with that program."

Is Kent Conrad A Man Without A Country?

Senator Kent Conrad is a member of the hideous Gang of Six that Dick Durbin is so willingly fronting, and it appears that his new budget is so bad that a mutiny is a brewing. You know how I dislike ConservaDems being in a position to cut their way