Wanker Olympics

Exiled from the Underworld I love Atrios's "Wanker of the Day" feature. Friday's Wanker is (*ta-da*) our own Oklahoma Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn! I disa


Whittemore:The new target via World O' Crap: From the Miami Herald piece Crazies Have new Target: Pity James D. Whittemore, next in line for unho

Jinky The Cat

Keyes Says Gays Are Bad...And? At ProFamily Rally 2005, Alan Keyes stated "Homosexuals are destroying America." I wonder if anyone told the ProFami

Maya Keyes Speaks Out!

Wolf Blitzer did his usual hatchet job of an interview today when Maya Keyes joined him. Video Two thinks struck me. 1)Keyes used her during his