Military Suicides: 154 In 155 Days

The suicide rate is skyrocketing among American troops as numbers have reached nearly one per day in 2012, according to new Pentagon data revealed in a report on Thursday. Over the first 155 days of 2012 154 active-duty troops have

May 11, 1975 - Evacuations And Takeovers.

May 11, 1975 - news for the week ending. Final evacuation from Cambodia. South Vietnamese refugees still pouring out of the country. Senator McGovern visits Cuba. OAS talks of lifting Cuban sanctions by Summer. Last two Marines killed in Vietnam still in Saigon. Laos faces Communist takeover. Egypt moves to clear Suez Canal of wrecked ships from 1976 War.

Iraq Veterans Against War Teach-in Features Scott Olsen

Iraq Veterans Against the War invited Occupy Denver to a teach-in at the Mercury Cafe on April 11, 2012. Local chapter members Garett Reppenhagen, Kelly Doughtery, and Graham Clumpner opened with personal accounts of what led them to join IVAW and a discussion about what veterans and active duty service members are doing to resist war and militarism.

Newstalgia Reference Room - Lebanon - 1958 (Middle East Excursions Past)

Newstalgia Reference Room - The Crisis in Lebanon as reported via the CBS Radio Program Radio Beat. An interview with Lebanese President Camille Chamoun and a round table discussion on the crisis in Lebanon and how it's impacting the region of the Middle East, hot on the heels of the Egyptian Suez Canal Crisis. June 26, 1958.

Sequel To Fallujah?

As I'm reading about the Marine-led NATO offensive in Afghanistan, I'm wondering if this represents the "new" counterinsurgency warfare, or is this j