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Beck: Houston Airport Shooting A 'Setup' Of NRA Like 'Burning Of The Reichstag'

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck responded to a shooting at Houston's largest airport on Thursday by suggesting that it had been a plot to "set up" gun owners like the the burning of German's parliament -- or Reichstag -- in 1933, which Nazis exploited as a pretext to suspend constitutional rights.

Gov LaPage Finally Walks Back 'Obamacare = Gestapo' Remark

The fear-mongering surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has officially gone Godwin, people. Because mandating that everyone purchase private health insurance is *exactly* like the German secret police who would round up people

May 31, 1942 - Formerly Cologne.

May 31, 1942. Reports on massive and devastating raid over Cologne and new RAF bombing policy. Germans claim retaking Kharkov. Fighting in Libya continues. Rommel aiming to take Tobruk, and attempting to cut off British supply lines at Suez. German Spring offensive starts. Former U.S. Production Chief during World War 1, Bernard Baruch, assumes role again. Mexico Declaration of War against Axis now target of sabotage.

May 30, 1942 - An Ironic Memorial Day In 1942.

May 30, 1942 - Memorial Day in 1942. Desert Fighting in Libya. U.S. troops in Northern Ireland. Suspected IRA security leaks to Germany. Fighting around Port Moresby in Pacific. U.S. arms arrive in Russia. No holiday for Defense workers. Capitol Hill to consider drafting of married men.

May 23, 1938 - The View From Berlin.

May 23, 1938 - News from Berlin Radio via Shortwave. The Czech-Sudeten crisis. News regarding border clashes. Propaganda. News on negotiations with London and Paris over the Sudeten question. The weather in Berlin.

May 7, 1945 - Jumping The Gun.

May 7, 1945 - News of the unconditional surrender of Germany and the quick rebuttal that no, it really wasn't the official surrender of Germany.

April 27, 1945 - Rendezvous At The Elbe.

Going down to the wire - we need your help. Please donate to Newstalgia and keep it alive. April 27, 1945 - the historic link-up between the Russian Army and the U.S./British Armies at the Elbe River, less than 75 miles away from downtown Berlin.