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Re-Occupation Of Zuccotti Park Short-Lived After Pepper Spray, Arrests

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered in Zuccotti Park on Saturday and, in a return to scenes from earlier in the year, the evening began with the sound of drumming and calls of the now familiar slogan, “We are the 99 percent." It ended with torn-down barricades and yet again another run-in with Bloomberg's "Army."

Some Top "Top-10" Lists

It's top ten time again. Every year we get the listmania between Christmas and New Years. Some are stupid, but others are pretty interesting. Here are some worth reading. KeninNY: Top 10 Worst Things GOP Says About the Unemployed TruthOut: Top

Mike's Blog Round Up

Congratulations to Carnival of the Liberals on their 100th Edition! Fried Green Al-Qaedas: the gaping maw opens 2 Political Junkies: They Have No Sh