Mitt Romney: Answer Their Questions Tonight

These American workers all have one thing in common: Bain Capital laid them off and outsourced their jobs. They've traveled from all over the country to gather outside the debate tonight and demand that Mitt Romney answer their questions about how he ran Bain, and how he'll run the country.

Robert Gibbs: 'Nobody Knows' If Romney Is Breaking Tax Laws

Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs sees a pattern in GOP hopeful Romney's past of "outsourcing jobs" and offshoring his own personal investments -- and the only way for the former Massachusetts governor to prove that he isn't dodging tax laws is to

Romney’s Quiet Rooms: Where All The Money’s Hidden?

The incredible new Vanity Fair piece on Romney’s secretive off shore tax accounts and business practices at Bain immediately made me think of one of my favorite video clips of 2012, this one where Romney is talking about how issues related to the

Newt Gingrich Praises NAFTA For Shipping Out American Jobs

Looks like Gingrich might have just had his John Boehner "So be it" moment here. From Raw Story -- Whoops: Gingrich praises NAFTA for shipping out American jobs: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich found himself in a bit of a log-jam with his