Net Neutrality Is A Big Joke To Ajit Pai

Net Neutrality Is A Big Joke To Ajit Pai

Not even remotely funny. And downright insulting to the public he is supposed to serve. Did our tax dollars, or big telcom companies, or The Daily Caller, pay for this? No matter who did, it's pathetic.

Colbert Mocks Paul Ryan's Phony Soup Kitchen Photo Op

Stephen Colbert had some fun with Paul Ryan's photo op at an Ohio soup kitchen earlier this week where he showed up and washed a few dishes for the cameras after most of the homeless people had already gone home. And he wrapped the segment up with

Jon Stewart Rips John McCain For Flip Flopping On DADT Repeal

Jon Stewart took John McCain to task for his ever evolving stance on repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. STEWART: It's the maverick way. Spend a year studying whether soldiers deserve full civil rights and a half an hour deciding who will be your