The Sick Mind Of Dan Riehl

Ever since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, the conservative movement has been having seismic convulsions over it. The bile,

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: Discredited wingnuts lawyer up with GOP attorneys, blame 'liberal media' Whiskey Fire: Muck Brain Rage: How To Report The News Balki

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

The Amazing Atheist: "Tell The Truth!" (h/t DU) I've been in a funk this weekend. It's hard to look at the coverage of the 9/12 protests and not co


I always wanted to be fluent in another language. I studied Spanish in school, passed my HS Regents exam back in the day, but never got it down. I nev

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hey folks. I'm still Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority signing in for Mike. T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management is feeling mighty stupid an

Ann Althouse Loses It...

An instant classic...She attacks Jessica Valenti about taking a picture with a group of bloggers at a Bill Clinton luncheon some time ago and then fl