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Hey folks. I'm still Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority signing in for Mike.

T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management is feeling mighty stupid and it's not just because he was named after a steak house. No, it's because Pickens is soon to owe John Kerry 1 million dollars if he can disprove even one Swift Boat allegation. Doesn't it feel good seeing billionaires lose money to lowly millionaires like you and me?

As a follow up to Nova's "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial", Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes covers the conservative rage over the episode's misrepresentation of Intelligent Design as a religious belief and not a scientific one. No matter how many fundamentalist Christians insist that Intelligent Design is indeed science, the scientists just won't listen.

Tommy Boy Friedman has come up with the best combination since nuts & gum. Obama & Cheney in '08! After Bush leaves office, Cheney's trigger finger is gonna get cold. Freidman apparently thinks Obama's butt is ripe for the puppetmaster to strongarm.

Some advice to the conservatives out there: Insulting someone by calling them a "communist" just doesn't carry the same level of stigma that it did in the 1950's. This is especially true when said person is simply suggesting that we follow our constitution and impeach Cheney (I hope that won't affect the unity ticket mentioned above).

Zeno presents us with probably the most uneven match I've ever seen - Dinesh D'Souza vs Mark Twain! D'Souza bases his solid belief in God on the fact that he can make a mess whenever he feels like it. There's no doubt that he does, and his article is just one example, but I think D'Souza's actions prove the existence of Satan rather than God.

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