Independent And Moderate Voters: What's A 'David Brooks?'

Let's get this out of the way: David Brooks and his colleague Tom Friedman are two of the biggest frauds in the world of punditry. Anyone who claims to speak on behalf of "moderate" and "independent" voters has no idea what they're talking about

What Planet Do They Live On?

It is difficult to render me speechless, but this may have done it. Thomas Friedman in the New York Times tells us in very earnest tones with very earnest meaning that we very earnestly must -- MUST -- be willing to be the generation that takes

Open Thread

RIP, The Friedman Unit, coined by Atrios in 2006. Open thread below...

Mike's Blog Roundup

James Fallows: On strategy and tactics Cutting Through The Crap: Calmness under fire, careful deliberation...since when? The Osterley Times: John Mc

Mike's Blog Round Up

Connecting.the.Dots: V.P. for saving the planet Facing South: Gulf Stream Coach - the politically connected company handed a $500 million federal con

Friedman Sells The Dems Short

In an apparent attempt at cuteness, the NYT’s Thomas Friedman wrote a column written as if it were an “Iranian National Intelligence Estimate of A