Mike's Blog Round Up

Hey folks. I'm still Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority signing in for Mike. T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management is feeling mighty stupid an

Mike's Blog Round Up

Josh Marshall blogs on Militarism and Anti-Democracy...coming to a country near you! And in related news, George W Bush hitches his wagon to revisioni

Sunday Talking Head Thread

(Photo of soy latte art via tonx.) The Sunday Talking Head line-up is ready for reading. It looks like all Iraq, alla time, based on the scheduled gu

Mike's Blog Roundup

Republic of Sestakastan: Presents, "No Such Agency" (h/t Blue Gal) Whiskey Fire: To state that the US military is not necessarily or even re

Friedman: "We Are Gone"

Friedman joined Imus this morning and now wants a date certain to get the US out of Iraq. How times have changed. [media id=16818]-WMP [media id=168

Friedman: Reoccupying Iraq

He's so distraught over the state of Iraq that Thomas Friedman is losing his mind. He now tells us that Iraq is like thirty civil wars and the on