Hayes: 'Center' In American Politics Is The Name We Give To Where Power Resides

Chris Hayes gave a little send-off to Sen. Max Baucus on the news of his upcoming retirement from the United States Senate. After running down a list of why the only people who are really going to miss him are the lobbyists who will likely see their salaries go down once he leaves, Hayes reminded his viewers of what it really means when we hear pundits talk about so-called "centrists" in Washington.

Baby Boomers Take Huge Hit On 401k Plans. Now What?

I've spent the better part of my career administering retirement plans, and have seen with my own eyes what Atrios observes in this article for USAToday: Over the past few decades, employees fortunate enough to have employer-based retirement

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Won't Seek Re-Election In 2014

For the second time this week, a veteran member of the United States Senate has announced that he will be exiting the Congress after the 2014 midterms. This will be a great loss for Senate Dems, and the nation, as Tom Harkin announced his decision to retire...

Sam Seder: Alan Simpson Knows Nothing About Social Security

From Majority FM, Sam Seder reads from some of a recent LA Times article which challenged anti-Social Security crusader and crotchety old man, former Sen. Alan Simpson over his many lies about the program. Alan Simpson shows his cards to The