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Majority Report: Beat Your Wife! Says Pat Robertson

Sam Seder gives his take on the latest wingnutterty to come out of Pat Robertson's mouth, just two days after appearing on stage with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. I wonder if anyone is going to ask Mittens if he's down with that whole wife beating thing since he was happy to be out campaigning with this crackpot.

AFA's Bryan Fischer Slams Romney For Taking His Advice And Ousting Gay Spokesman

If anyone needed any more proof that the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is more than just a little bit nuts and that he really hates Mitt Romney, you need look no further than his latest attack on the Republicans' presumptive presidential candidate, where he blasted Romney for taking his advice and ousting his openly gay spokesman, Richard Grenell.

Pat Robertson: 'Demonic Possession' Related To Homosexuality

From Right Wing Watch last week, more homophobic wingnuttery from Pat Robertson -- Pat Robertson Says Homosexuality is 'Related to Demonic Possession': Today the 700 Club featured a segment on a man who tried to “change” his sexuality by

Pat Robertson: Prayer Could Have Stopped The Tornadoes

He's back at it again. Pat Robertson continues to lower the IQ points of anyone unfortunate enough to actually watch his show with this nonsense. From Right Wing Watch -- Pat Robertson Says People could have Stopped Deadly Tornadoes through