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I Don't Like Caleb Howe

That's right. I truly dislike Caleb Howe. I dislike him so much, I made him one of my very first blocked conservatives on Twitter (I like to call th

Mike's Blog Roundup

Mother Jones: Not even Bork was treated like this Scott Horton: Arrest of 13 CIA agents sought in Spain pandagon: Sneering Creationists Booman Trib

New Tea Party Target: Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is getting a little taste of some very nasty tea...from tea partiers IRATE at the nerve of Roger Ebert for an offhand tweet he made in r

Roger Ebert Slams Bill O'Reilly

Robert Ebert nails Bill O'Reilly for his off-the-wall and venomous tactics. It's a long read and worth it. He compares him to Father Coughlin and poi

Open Thread

Roger Ebert on the love fest between Chris Matthews and Ann Coulter (h/t Daniel) And on a sad note, RIP to Lady Bird Johnson