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The Daily Background: Gulping down, and then regurgitating huge quatities of BUSHCO Kool-Aid aint the only thing the New York Times is doing wrong Mai

Bush: "I'm The Decision-maker"

AP: President Bush. on a collision course with Congress over Iraq, said Friday "I'm the decision-maker" about sending more troops to t

Mike's Blog Round Up

Martian Anthropologist: “Once you’re used to living in a lawless world, the transition back to civilization will be stressful at b

Tamiflu Patients Need Monitoring

Remember the big "Bird Flu" scare last year and the only drug to treat it was from a company the Rumsfeld had a stake in? Turns out there&#3

Mike's Blog Roundup

NPR Check: Media pundits continue to peddle their tortured interpretations of the election. Then, there are the various progressive memes... Jon Swi

LA Times Cover-up Over Hiller?

Following up on my LA Times story, Nikkie Finke from the LA Weekly has more info about David Hiller taking over the LA Times: New Publisher Was Rumsf