Mike's Blog Round Up

Mia Culpa: The new and improved Taliban nation-a must read-AFGHANISTAN was supposed to be the success story The Dan Report: Isn't Yemen supposed to b

Another General Wants Rummy To Go

On Shepard Smith's Studio B, an 8th general has called for Rumsfeld’s resignation. Ret. Marine General Paul Van Ripper was interviewed by FOX Ne

Mike's Blog Round Up

American Prospect Online: Vice Dick Cheney's staff Opinion Journal: Shortly after he became Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld made a

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Left Coaster: Will Democrats do another "ostrich" routine on Iran? DIRELAND: U.N. agency confirms gay Iraqis targeted for kidnapping and murder(

Tommy Franks On Hardball

Tommy Franks joined Matthews to talk about the six generals (listed here) that have come out and asked for Rummy to get the boot. John finds an inter