A Nixon Press Conference - December 10, 1970

President Nixon's Press conference of December 10, 1970. Among the subjects are Laos, Vietnam, the Paris Peace Talks, the appointments of Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush to Administration posts and inviting the press to a White House Christmas party . . .it must've killed him.

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Facing South: Who is Women's Voices Women Vote, and why are they making shadowy and legally-questionable calls that are causing voters in North Caroli

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"One of You Will Betray Conservatism" by Darkblack. Click image for larger, which shows, left to right, and according to the artist, "keeping in mind

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I'm SteveAudio. You've seen me around C&L before, John and Nicole have linked to me, and I've done a few Late Night Music Club posts, but now Mike

Mike's Blog Round Up

Whiskey Fire: Liberal hawks, and why it's "perfectly right to judge people writing on foreign policy primarily on their stances towards real world iss