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Rove 'Unskews' NYTimes Poll On Southern Senate Dems

Rove 'Unskews' NYTimes Poll On Southern Senate Dems

TPM: "Karl Rove added his name to the list of critics seeking to unskew a bunch of New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation polls which showed a number of Democrats in key Senate races running either neck-and-neck or ahead of their Republican competitors." Here's to hoping his predictions work out as well as they did for him during the presidential race, when he assured the Fox viewers that Romney had the race in the bag.

Democrats Cave On Union Busting FAA Funding Bill

Ed Schultz spoke to the Association of Flight Attendents' Veda Shook about the Senate Democrats caving into the Republicans with the passage of the FAA reauthorization bill. Senate Dems Greenlight Key Anti-Union Bill: With the help of Senate

Reduce The Defense Budget

Rep. Barny Frank (D-MA) was joined by five senators and 51 Congressional representatives in a letter to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform that calls on the commission to examine the defense budget for potential savings.