Fox News Gang Clings To That 'Torture A-Go-Go' Dream

Fox & Friends welcomed author Howard Wasdin as the latest in their series of pre-emptive strikes against a Hillary Clinton candidacy – in this case, to argue that Benghazi is Clinton's “Black Hawk Down.” Of course, the attack on an American

May 14, 1978 - Grumblings And Threats.

News of the day for May 14, 1978 - Sabre rattling between Ethiopia and Somalia. Sabre rattling between China and Russia. U.S. Military experts traveling to China, Taiwan views it as slap in the face. Russian language newspaper in Manhattan bombed by pro-Israeli group Jewish Resistance, no injuries. Senate readies to vote potential veto of Jimmy Carter's F-15 Fighter package to Israel, Egypt and Suadi Arabia. Northwest Airlines continues negotiations with union. Abel Muzorewa threatens to quit bi-racial transitional government of Ian Smith. American companies in Iran told to restrict employees movements due to anti-government violence.

February 10, 1994 - The Cautious Exhale.

February 10, 1994 - a shaky ceasefire in Sarajevo four hours old. UN Peacekeepers and NATO troops skeptical and hopeful. Two members of the British Parliament and a British Aid Worker kidnapped in Somalia. Israel and PLO in partial agreement over autonomy issue in Gaza and Jericho. Tonya Hardings slaps $22 million lawsuit against the USOC for barring appearance at the Winter Olympics. Famed U of Oklahoma Coach Bud Wilkinson dies at 77.

Navy SEALS Rescue Hostages In Somalia In Secret Raid

It's hard from this article to tell whether or not the actual raid took place during or before the State of the Union address. According to MSNBC, the President leaned into Leon Panetta as he came in and told him "Good job tonight." Whether

December 16, 1992 - Somalia, Bosnia And A President-Elect

News of the day for December 16, 1992 - U.S. and French troops arrive in Baidoa Somalia. The former Yugloslavia and Slobodan Milosevic. IRA bombings in London. Khmer Rouge takes 21 peacekeepers hostage. President-Elect Clinton names cabinet appointments and comments on 2-day Economic Conference.

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MyDD: Porter Goss insults our intelligence.  This isn't about mere politics, Mr. Goss thought crimes: Uh, guys...about that "LET Texas secede" joke.