Fox News Gang Clings To That 'Torture A-Go-Go' Dream

Fox & Friends welcomed author Howard Wasdin as the latest in their series of pre-emptive strikes against a Hillary Clinton candidacy – in this case, to argue that Benghazi is Clinton's “Black Hawk Down.” Of course, the attack on an American outpost in Benghazi was nothing like the mission in Somalia that led to the Black Hawk Down incident. Still, it made for a neat way of tying Hillary to Bill and tarring them both in one segment. But the Curvy Couch Crew got more than it bargained for when Wasdin began preaching the benefits of "two to the body, one to the head."

Wasdin said it looked like Hillary Clinton “took a page from her husband's playbook, which is not to give what's asked for.” Nobody pointed out that Hillary Clinton has recently testified before Congress that she never saw the request for increased security in Benghazi, nor that she said, “Obviously, it's something we're fixing.”

Meanwhile, a banner reading "A CASE OF DEJA VU: IS BENGHAZI THIS PRESIDENT'S BLACK HAWK DOWN?" hit the screen.

But Wasdin wasn't about to let his 15 minutes go by without holding forth on the evils of the liberal media and President Obama, too.

I watched appallingly on 60 Minutes the other day and found out that we live in a dangerous and complicated world. But what the Clintons or the Obamas will never understand is, my dangerous, complicated world is different from theirs.

Wasdin did make a point, which is that he, his friends and his family know what it's like to be "in harm's way," unlike most of the leaders who send them there. But Presidents Obama and Clinton have been a lot more cautious and measured about putting troops in harm's way than the chickenhawks in the Bush administration who started these wars. Not that any of the “fair and balanced” hosts brought that up.

Wasdin continued:

Why the American people, why CNN, why the mainstream media is not picking up on this, why they're not asking the tough questions really surprises me because here's something you won't hear in the mainstream media. Here's how you defeat terrorism, America: you take a hard stance on it. If you're not killed by Americans, you will be brought here – not given three hots and a cot, not given an attorney, not allowed to lawyer up.

You'll be brought here and somebody like me WILL waterboard you. And I'm gonna get the information and I'm gonna defeat you at your grassroots so that you can't recruit. Becaues it's a lot less appealing to the people being recruited if they know they got somebody like me that's waiting for 'em when they get to America. Otherwise, they're gonna be recruited because you've got a president saying we need to retake our moral high ground. Here's what I say: two to the body, one to the head and then if you do survive, we're gonna torture you – I'm sorry, 'enhanced interrogate' you – until we get our answers. That's how you defeat terrorism.

Doocy responded, “Well put, Howard.”

Fox liked this so much, they repeated the rant later in the show.


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