Wal-Mart Execs Panic Over Falling Stock

“Where are all the customers? And where is all their money?” That was the plaintive tone struck by a Wal-Mart executive concerned about the giant retailer’s early February results, which he called “a total disaster” in a memo leaked by Bloomberg News.

Goldman Sacs And A Sale Gone Horribly Awry

Janet and Jim Baker are fighting Goldman Sachs over its work in 2000 - or lack thereof - on the all-stock sale of their business, Dragon Systems, to a company that later collapsed, leaving them shut out. NYT: THE business deal from hell

JPMorgan Reveals $2B Losses

JPMorgan Chase has disclosed $2 billion in lossesfrom a trading group’s credit investments, causing the bank’s share price to plummet in after-hours trading. Via: Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan, blamed “errors,

“That’s Bullsh*t”

Please, stop the bullshit and stop trying to carry water for Wall Street. Steve Krakauer: Gasparino was being interviewed by anchors Brian Sulliva

Everybody Is A Economist Now

Have you noticed that every person suddenly knows everything there is to know about how the economy works? Wow, it's all so simple. Activists now know

Running Out Of Gas

I took this yesterday. Maybe it's higher today....I knew it was all ANWR's fault... On the Saturday Stock shows tomorrow---I'm sure the wall street