November 2, 1947 - Strikes, Riots And Art.

News of the day for December 2, 1947. Riots break out in Jerusalem over Partition of Israel and Palestine. French strikes cripple Paris. U.S. building facilities in South Pacific for Atomic Bomb testing. Prices of meat, butter and shortening take steep climb. Big Four Conference and Austrian Peace Treaty pending. And artist Thomas Hart Benton and writer H.L. Mencken in squabble over value of an early Benton painting.

November 1, 1979 - Park And Mamie.

News of the day for November 1, 1979 - the funeral of South Korean President Park Chung Hee, victim of an assassins bullet. Situation in Cambodia, U.S. cuts off aid to Bolivia. Former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower to be buried in Abilene Kansas next to Ike and the Pegasus II Satellite scheduled to crash to earth some time today.

Papantonio: The Republican Assault On Labor Reaches New Lows

From GoLefttv: Papantonio: The Republican Assault on Labor Reaches New Lows: Working America labors under the weakest protections from abusive management in the developed world, by far. We take it as a given that our bosses can fire us for

Mike's Blog Roundup

at-Largely: No-fly list fail, Wingnuttia wets pants ignore home-grown threats. Wonder what kind of dumbassery awaits me when I attempt to board an int