Strom Thurmond

GOP & Fox News Give Birth To Donald Trump! See How!

GOP & Fox News Give Birth To Donald Trump! See How!

It's important people know the truth about the political history that created an environment for Donald Trump and the racism we're seeing to thrive. Hopefully acknowledging that the GOP made a calculated decision to exploit the racial tensions in this country will be an important step toward correcting the problem. This country is better when we're all on the same team anyway:)
Strom Thurmond's Swimming Pool

Strom Thurmond's Swimming Pool

"I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theatres, into our swimming pools, into our homes and into our churches." -- Strom Thurmond, speaking at the 1948 breakaway 'Dixiecrat' Convention held by southern Democrats

Maher Savages 'Cryptkeeper' Congressmen In New Rules Segment

Bill Maher used the recent news that Rep. John Dingell was being celebrated as the longest-serving member of Congress at the ripe old age of 86 to make the point that maybe some of these extremely old members of Congress should be retiring before we're rolling them out in wheel chairs like we saw with Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond.

February 23, 1975 - Not Bathing In The Same Water Twice.

February 23, 1975 - calls to send Military aid to South Vietnam. Kissinger returns from Middle East "hopeful". Ethiopia ask U.S. for arms against militants in Eritrea province. Judge Sirica hands down sentences for Watergate figures. New tensions in Cyprus. Outlawed strikes in Spain go on anyway. Persian Gulf region under scrutiny for continued arms sales. Another lovely day in the neighborhood.

September 22, 1948 - Berlin, Campaign '48 And Commie Pigs . . .No, Really!

News of this day (September 22) in 1948. Berlin Airlift and increased Cold War tensions between the Allies and the Soviet Union. Campaign '48 gets underway with Dewey in New Mexico and Truman in Nevada. HUAC hearings over Atomic secrets. Governor Long calls emergency session of the Legislature to reinstate Truman on ballot over objections of State Rights/Dixiecrats who want Strom Thurmond on the ballot instead. And Tito's Yugoslavia has declared all raising of pigs to be done by the State and all Pork production to be controlled by the State.

Haley Barbour And The Republican Confederacy Of Dunces

Writing in Salon, Rick Perlstein examines "what Haley Barbour's amnesia tells us" about Southern conservatives' historical revisionism. But largely lost in the imbroglio over Barbour's literal white-washing of the Jim Crow era is that the