New Rules: Democratic NFL Vs Republican MLB

Bill Maher had another great New Rules segment tonight with his comparison between the economic models embraced by the NFL and MLB and those of the Democratic and Republican parties. You can say this doesn't necessarily apply to a lot of

Open Thread

In honor of SuperBowl Sunday parties everywhere: Dave Letterman's Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying That 108-Inch Television. La

SuperBowl Open Thread

I admit it, football isn't my sport. However, absent baseball being in season, there's nothing like a little neighborhood SuperBowl party. So

Mike's Blog Roundup

Unfogged: Explaining the Iranian political structure--and its contradictions DownWithTyranny! Opposition to a Bush library builds at Southern Methodis

When Conservatives Collide

O'Reilly vs Coulter Ann and Bill squared off last night over the Iraq war. [media id=13674]-WMP [media id=13675]-QT Ann calls the bad new from