U.S. Lobotomized 2,000 Veterans

U.S. Lobotomized 2,000 Veterans

“They got the notion they were going to come to give me a lobotomy,” says Mr. Tritz, a World War II bomber pilot. “To hell with them.”

Malala Yousafzai Creates Malala Fund For Girls' Education

Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old schoolgirl from Pakistan shot by the Taliban in October because she believed girls should have the right to go to school, released her first video statement following the attempt on her life in October as

I Am The 99 Percent

My name is Olivia. I can’t hold a sign because I’m so little. I was born with club feet. One was so bad, it was nearly upside-down. My feet have been stretched into place and casted into position every week since I was 3 weeks old. It really hurts. I’m 3 and a half months old now, so I’ve done that a lot. It costs about $500 each time. (You can see one of my casts peeking out under my dress.)

March 7, 1978 - Oil, Coal And Settlements Everywhere.

March 7, 1978. Sharp divide among Israelis about settlements in Arab territories. Coal Miners Strike. Carter invoking Taft-Hartley to settle strike. Panama Canal Treaty debate continues. Rhodesia border clashes with Zambia. Cairo looking to Washington for leadership in Middle-East Peace talks. Kuwait Oil Minister seeks boost in prices. Larry Flynt recovering from surgery following shooting. Mid-West feeling effects of Coal Strike.

Dick Cheney Has No Pulse

No, it's not a joke. Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse. Rachel Maddow discusses the details of the former Vice President's heart surgery with Dr. Alla