Mike's Blog Round Up

Empire Burlesque:  Hype v. Hyderabad. At MaxSpeak, Max Sawicky’s proposal for an “intelligent immigration policy.”  At No Comment, a less int


Brad DeLong has a new ranking system for..cough...cough...honest conservatives...And then this very insightful entry... Now comes Rick Perlstein: He

Blue Gal's Blog Round Up

I miss Fafblog, Spot!: Friday Pie blogging worthy of the Faf. The plot thickens, but that Stubborn Iran Pot Refuses to Boil. Well, dagnabbit, turn up

Atrios Temporary Site

Duncan can be found in blogger purgatory, Here's his temporary site. Well, spread the word that we're here for now. Blogger kept tempting me

A Hopeful Trend?

MoJoBlog: In an editorial titled "Time To Switch Teams," a Times Herald-Record business editor announces he why won't vote (as he alway