C&L's Donation Drive

It's my yearly push for some extra funds from C&Lers. Here's what's going on so far: We have a new homepage designed and ready to go. I also will

Holy Crap!

We haven't done a Holy Crap at the blog round-up for a while, and lately the great blog Talk2Action has had some doozys: An evangelical group promo

C&L Gear

If you have a chance, check out C&L mugs and T-shirts and stuff... Use as an open thread too...

Thank You

Thank You Thanks to everyone for your help during my donation drive. I received many emails from people saying they couldn't afford to help at this

Delay's Lawyer: Attacking The Judge

I guess only republican judges can sit on the bench for republicans. Apparently-Moveon.org is a criminal organization because they sell all those evil

Donation Drive Week

Donation Drive Week I'll be asking for donations all week. The growth of C&L has been amazing and costly. This is my full time job now. If you en

Contest Part II-

Ken Mehlman: Talking Point Action Figure I'm looking for someone to photoshop an image of the "Ken Mehlman: Talking Point Action Figure" If it's goo