Money Drops To End Citizens United

A Seattle Occupy group drops $5,000 from hotel to protest money in politics: Occupy protesters in Seattle tossed $5,000 out of a hotel window to protest the influence of money in politics. MicCheckWallStreet, an offshoot of the Occupy

Los Angeles: Join The Seven Day Seige Of The CCA

Join LA CAN, Occupy the Hood, Occupy Skid Row and Occupy Los Angeles at Wilshire/Hope (626 Wilshire Blvd.) at 8:30pm tonight to fight gentrification and the corrupt practices of the lobby group Central City Association. BRING TENT.

Open Thread

Crayola Thanks the Tea Partiers - watch more funny videos A couple people mentioned this video at Open Thread last night: Are you an aspiring tea par

Open Thread

Lovely valentine for the tea partiers? A photoshop from Fried Green al Quedas. And yeah the Rahm Emmanuel one at that link is, um, not safe for work

Mike's Blog Roundup

RaceWire: Best photo from the 9/12 Tea Party Harold Meyerson: The "values" of the largest private-sector employer in the U.S. are shaping our nationa