tort reform

Bob The Businessman: An American Success Story

This is the story of Bob the Businessman who used his company's money to get the mayor and city council elected, and get the rules changed, and fund propaganda outlets that pushed for tax breaks for ... Bob the Businessman. This fable in no way is meant to make you think about the way that modern American corporations and the current American political system operate.

MN Governor Vetoes ALEC-Dictated Tort Reform Bills

via The Uptake -- January 15, 2012: Gov. Dayton Castigates GOP "Gut and Cut" Policies to Protect the 2 Percent If there's any lesson Democrats should have learned this time around, it's the importance of turnout for gubernatorial races. Thank

Send Some 'Hot Coffee' To A Politician

Perfectly timed to the uprising of the We Are 99 Percent protests, filmmaker Susan Saladoff has made the documentary, Hot Coffee, chronicling the systematic and cynical campaign to get people behind the notion of tort reform. In yet another