Gibbs: Jack Welch Embarrassed Himself Saying Jobs Stats Are Made Up

From this Sunday's Meet the Press, Robert Gibbs called out former GE CEO, Jack Welch for embarrassing himself along with the other "jobs report truthers" who were touting that there was some grand conspiracy theory at work with the latest report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even Chuck Todd had a few words about the fact that it's a "bad trend" when we've got conservatives out there getting traction with this nonsense.

Hannity And Rove Join The Job Report Truther Brigade

Scarce already has a running list of "jobs report truthers" here, which includes Fox's Stuart Varney, the Fox News Channel, Jack Welch and Rick Santelli. Think Progress is keeping track and is now up to 11 conservatives who think the job numbers are a conspiracy. They can now add Fox's Sean Hannity and Karl Rove to the mix.