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Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Droopy Dog -- The Chump Champ I used to love these Saturday cartoons, but I gotta admit, Droopy Dog is forever ruined for me because of that traito

Open Thread

We love Shakespeare's Sister because she writes posts like this: Sometimes I just close my eyes and pretend that the media still plays a useful role

For Want Of A Dentist

This should never have happened in the United States. We're becoming a third world nation before our very eyes. WaPo: (h/t Pach) Twelve-year-old

Mike's Blog Roundup

Confined Space: Top ten workplace safety stories of 2006 The Progressive Truth: G-Dub's original WSJ op-ed submission Friendly Neighbour: A Cana

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Revealer: The “A” section of the December 7 edition of the Los Angeles Times featured five articles on the intriguing intersection of

SEIU Nurse Lock-out

Taylor Marsh is covering the lock-out of SEIU nurses by Universal Health Services and David Bussone in Las Vegas.