New Faultlines Widen At UN Climate Talks

New Faultlines Widen At UN Climate Talks

UN climate talks revealed growing frustration this week among vulnerable nations and observers with the political stance of emerging economies like China and India.

September 17, 1939

(As of September 17, there was no more Poland) (Apologies for the delay in posts) September 17, 1939 signified the end of Poland as it was a month

September 2, 1939

(September 2nd - The Poles weren't going to take it lying down) The invasion of Poland was already a day old. Despite continued efforts to bring th

August 30, 1939

(German Troops heading to the Polish frontier - waiting to see who blinks first) As the precautions continue via radio broadcasts from Warsaw, Berl

August 28, 1939

(In Warsaw an eerie and perplexing calm) As diplomatic attempts kept going up to the eleventh hour, preparations were being made for the eventualit