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Jon Stewart Hits CNN For 'Dumbing Down' The News

Jon Stewart Hits CNN For 'Dumbing Down' The News

CNN has been in a race to the bottom right along with Fox these days, all the while doing their best to play the false equivalency, fake balance for the sake of "balance" game, so it didn't exactly break my heart to see The Daily Show's Jon Stewart rip into them this Tuesday evening for "dumbing down" what's supposed to be the news.

CNN Panel To Obama: Appoint Romney As 'Secretary Of Business'

A CNN panel of journalists and other experts on Wednesday called on President Barack Obama to appoint former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as the "secretary of business." CNN host Wolf Blitzer noted that Obama would need to name new

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A planned protest of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) fizzled Thursday after officials reportedly cut cell phone services at some stations. BART spokesman Linton Johnson told a KTVU reporter, who had noticed the disruption, that the public relations