Dean Baker

Saving The Social Safety Net

Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel took on President Obama and his budget plan explained why that proposal ought to be dead on arrival for Democrats.

Ruth Marcus: Let The Elderly Just Eat (Cheaper) Cake!

Ruth Marcus won't have to worry about eating catfood. “The debate about the CPI was really a political debate about how, and by how much, to cut real entitlements.” --Greg Mankiw, chairman of George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers

First Loyalties

When I was a young organizer for Iowa Citizen Action Network, we were doing a lot of work on utility rate hikes. I met an elderly woman, maybe late 70s, who was living on her Social Security check. As utility prices went through the roof,

Some Ways To Cut Medicare Costs Without Hurting Old People

If they were really serious about saving money from Medicare, the Very Serious Schmucks could follow some of the suggestions in economist Dean Baker's book, "The End of Loser Liberalism". Sure, they'll tick off Big Pharma. But they can't be any less

Dean Baker: The Question That Exposes Incompetent Reporters

After reading this nonsense from over at TPM this Sunday, where Republicans are just desperate to glom onto any ridiculous talking point they think might gain them an inch of ground -- Republicans Seize On O’Malley’s Remark That We Aren’t