Straw Poll

Santorum Suggests Romney 'Rigged' CPAC Straw Poll

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Sunday dismissed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's win in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll by insinuating the vote had been rigged. On the third an final day

Satire: The Best Way To Pick A Candidate

Tea party reporter Susie Sampson takes us through how we should pick candidates. "Why'd you pick Mitt Romney?" she asks. "Because I like the color blue." I voted for John Kerry for less.

Sunday Talking Head Thread

(Photo of a tasty looking cafe au lait and oj in Quebec City via Bill on Capitol Hill.) The Sunday Talking Head thread is up and ready for the readin

Mike's Blog Round Up

It’s one thing for Bush/Cheney to lie us into war, but a rude guest who won’t leave is simply unforgivable. And why won’t Bush say “Howdy” t