Iowa Republican Chair Tells Palin To "Get To Work" If She's Looking To Be A Candidate

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I would seriously love to delve deep into the psyche of Sarah Palin. There are entire libraries full of books to write on the unique blend of narcissism, hubris and willful ignorance that make up just her public persona. When all the GOP presidential candidates started to set up camp in Iowa, with the intent to woo potential support in the Ames Straw Poll, I knew it wouldn't be long before Sarah grasped desperately for at least a little measure of that spotlight.

And true to form, Palin made a surprise revival of her bus tour, eager to show her kids the "historical significance" of the Iowa State Fair and their sticks of fried butter. But no, she's not there to launch a presidential campaign, or to divert attention from any of the other legitimately glad-handing politicos. It's just a matter of coincidence that she was conveniently available to talk to the media there, dontcha know.?

But that's not good enough for Iowa Republican Chair Matt Strawn, who advised La Palin that if she thinks she can flounce in at the last moment and prove that she's still a relevant candidate, she's got another thought coming. It takes work for you to be taken seriously in the first completely meaningless political event: you have to shake hands, you have to kiss babies, you have to meet voters face to face and be prepared to answer questions from them.

And that is why Sarah Palin--no matter how many times she pulls these diva acts and preens for the cameras, coyly saying she hasn't made up her mind--isn't running for President. It's work. And it's unpleasant to have to mingle with the riff-raff and pretend to care about their problems. There's nothing about it that appeals to the Half-Governor. Being on camera and making snide remarks is far more rewarding.


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