On Senseless Violence And Deaths

With the news of his friend Brian Beutler’s shooting, and after spending some time with the family of an Iraqi war veteran from Massachusetts who

Glover's Wankery

I get so tired reading these pieces by people who get paid to write about blogging. Micah, take it away Gilliard has more. Glover is very proud of thi

Mike's Blog Round Up

One Planet One Nation: A BBC documentary you will NOT be seeing in America. Craig Murray: Former UK ambassador Craig Murray is skeptical of the UK te

The New Bob Woodward

The New Bob Woodward Jay Rosen says that Murray Waas is the new Bob Woodward. I've been posting Murray's articles for a long time and he's uncovered

The Plame Game

Greg Sargent: "What Murray Waas's big scoop may really tell us about Bush's pre-war on"