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How Voter Intensity Beats Propensity In The Abortion Wars

How Voter Intensity Beats Propensity In The Abortion Wars

In recent weeks, pollsters and pundits have been wrestling with a seeming contradiction at the heart of the country's abortion debate. On the one hand, the United States is a pro-choice nation, with consistent majorities of Americans voicing the belief for two decades that abortion should be legal in some or all cases. On the other, the United States is also witnessing the rapid proliferation of draconian curbs on reproductive rights that in many states could soon make abortion access a thing of the past.

Dick Lugar: Tea Party Cost Republicans The Senate In 2010

Here's to hoping they do it again. From TPM -- Lugar: Tea Party In 2010 ‘Killed Off’ Chance For Republican Senate: Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) appeared Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, with an important message for Republicans on

2010 Campaign Post-Mortem: Yep, It Was The Fox Election

There's going to be a lot of finger-pointing today. I've already given you my two bits' worth. Above all, I think these results tell us that Democrats have once again failed to understand the value of controlling the narrative -- or at least not

Strong Turnout May Be Democrats' Last, Best Hope

As voters head to the polls, the conventional wisdom states that red wave will wash over the United States. While political statistician extraordinaire Nate Silver concluded a Republican takeover of the Senate is unlikely, he estimates GOP

GOP Promises Two More Years Of No Compromise

The more things change, the more they stay the same. On the eve of midterms elections that could make him House Speaker, John Boehner announced, "This is not a time for compromise." His lieutenant Mike Pence (R-IN) echoed that line, declaring

The Triumph Of Delusion

Over this pre-election weekend, CNN will air a special called, "Boiling Point: Inside the Tea Party." Whether or not its right-wing fury brings a conservative wave to Washington, the network insists, "the Tea Party has earned a place in

Maybe We Should Just Call This 'The Fox Election'

Everyone keeps saying the coming election is a referendum on President Obama. I beg to differ. I'm beginning to believe that it's actually a referendum on Fox News. Because, well, let's be honest: The Republican Party would be dead in the

Everyone Loses If We Don't Vote

Got Democratic (or at the very least, non-crazy) friends and family members who say they're not gonna vote this November because they're disappointed with Congress or Obama or something? Make 'em watch this.