Anonymous: 'Expect Us 2013'

A recent video posting from "Anonymous" appears to be a response to McAfee's prediction that Anonymous will become less influential in the coming year. Anonymous has clarified that it has no plans to fade away in the New Year. It also

Second Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire

Another fire broke out at a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, two days after a blaze at a separate clothing factory killed at least 121 people. The fire broke out on the third floor of the 12-story building, which houses four

The Interrogation Of Omar Khadr

In this video, Omar Khadr, a 15 year old Canadian detainee – the youngest at Guatanamo bay – speaks to a team of Canadian intelligence agents after being tortured by US officials before even arriving at the facility. This

Unemployment Rate Falls To 7.8 Percent, 44-Month Low

The U.S. added 114,000 jobs in September, causing the unemployment rate to slip to 7.8 percent—a figure not seen since January 2009, when President Obama first took office. There were other unexpected nuggets of good news, too: numbers for

For Sale: The American Dream

The US' housing bubble burst nearly six years ago, but the worst may be yet to come. After a landmark settlement, the major banks have lifted a freeze on foreclosures and government relief has been too small to make a difference.

Iraq Bombings Kill 107

Monday marked Iraq’s bloodiest day so far this year, as 107 people died from bombings and shootings, in a coordinated surge of violence against mostly Shi'ite Muslim targets. Just a few days prior, the leader of the country’s al

Lee Camp: America Is Too Fat, Skinny, & Free

This is your Moment of Clarity #156: The United States has the most obese people in the world AND the most anorexic people. How did we end up with a society riddled with bizarre disparities?