Mike's Blog Roundup

digby: U.S prison for terrorists often held the wrong men. Pacific Views: Some selective history in the first of a three part WaPo series on the hous

Petraeus Says Troop Morale Is Up

No, really. It is. Seriously. [media id=4886] [media id=4887] (h/t JL) Today's testimony before the House was not quite as riveting as yesterday's

Obama/Bloomberg 08?

Chuck Todd, one of the best in the business as far as I'm concerned, sees some potential: Those who love the Veepstakes will enjoy today's Obama spe

Please Help Project Bring Miracle

First Draft (h/t Diane) Two weeks ago I posted about the Joseph family who lost their Lower 9th Ward home for the second time. Kellie Joseph and her

Mike's Blog Round Up

skippy says the Luddites are in charge, but the nerds are angry and may get their revenge yet. Simply Left Behind analyzes the Bush Global Initiativ