Income Tax

Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy

From the White House White Board: It's clear commonsense immigration reform is good for the economy as a whole. Don't take our word for it — study after study has shown that commonsense immigration reform will strengthen the economy, spur innovation, reduce the deficit and increase U.S. trade and exports.

Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill To End Offshore Tax Havens

I don't expect we'll see any Republicans willing to support his legislation, but good for Sen. Sanders for doing this: Senator Introduces Bill To End Huge Corporate Tax Giveaway: Corporations offshoring profits costs both the federal government

'Up' Panel On The Real Crisis Of Income Disparity And Poverty

Thank goodness there is at least one of these talking head shows on Sundays where Republican talking points are pushed back against and where it's not just a bunch of millionaire pundits talking about how we need to inflict pain on our senior citizens and raise the Medicare age in order to appease the GOP during these deficit negotiations, and that show is Up With Chris Hayes.

New Obama Ad Slams Romney For 47% Comments

In the 30 second ad, the narrator gets straight to the point, saying “Mitt Romney attacked 47% of Americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, the elderly and disabled."

Romney's Tax Plan? Mitt Loves Millionaires

The Young Turks Cenk Uygur weighs in on Romney's tax plan if we're unfortunate enough actually find ourselves with him as president after the upcoming election: Mitt Romney wants the middle class to pay $500 more in taxes so the rich can get

The 'Government' Is Us

[Note: Not all political messaging involves framing specific words or phrases. Framing a political message involves longer story-telling, as well. It's about creating a picture in people's minds of who you are and what you stand for,