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Romney Suggests Reporters Should Reveal Confidential Sources

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday told reporters and bloggers that he could "imagine a time" when they would have to reveal confidential sources. "Just the last few years since my last campaign, the changes in your


First Wikipedia and now this....Slashdot has some info...Drew Curtis believes FOX hacked him... The first rule of hacking, after all, is "Don't get c

Mike's Blog Round Up

Oliver Willis: lists seven reasons why he's a Progressive. Bring it On! The House bows to corporate pressure and votes to remove food label warnings.

Frist And Delay : Out Of Control Ad

This spot - the first from the DSCC's new Media Response Project - is part of our long term plan to hit them hard every time the Senate Republicans ab

Blog Panels

via DC Media girl ...The Big Time via Digby Another exciting panel discussion on blogging and the new media! It's going to be thrilling. Moderato