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Mike's Blog Round Up

hi kids! skippy the bush kangaroo here (sans capital letters; thanks nicole!) subbing for the blog round-up, so here goes: the repubs debated, romney

Mike's Blog Roundup

It's "Merry Christmas", damnit!!!! Crooked Timber: A century ago, King Leopold of Belgium invaded the Congo and justified his grab for

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Vox Verax: A John Bircher's take on G-Dub The Existentialist Cowboy: Edward R. Murrow's prophetic speech to a meeting of the Ra

Al Franken On TDS

Al Franken on TDS Check out Franken and let's hope Drudge will find a nugget to whine on about. The feigned outrage is just as funny as TDS sometimes