Mike's Blog Round Up

MediaBloodhound: The oldest detainee at Guantanamo Bay — an Afghan man who is at least 71 and hobbled around the U.S. prison in Cuba using a wal

There Is A Litmus Test

Rachel Maddow had to bring Tucker Carlson back to earth on the issue of President Bush's anti-abortion judge appointments and the notion that Bush has

The Swift Report

Foes of Evolution Set Sights on New Target: Gravity If a group of concerned parents gets its way, high school physics students may soon be required

Wake Up Screaming

Looking Glass Billmon's dreams are getting weird again. But if his vision of Jack Abramoff and a crazed Tom DeLay dishing out pork to corporate bigsh

Silver Lining

Beyond Corporate What with the conservative and fanatical religous outpouring over the Terri Shaivo debacle, where the RIGHTS provided to this woman