Arms Control

January 24, 1958 - The World Of Disarmament Talks.

News of the day, this day in history - report from The United Nations, daily newscast featuring world events. A Dag Hammarskjold Press conference on this day - optimistic over resumption of Nuclear Disarmament talks. West Germany not thrilled. Middle East reported calm. Meetings on Central American Trade. World Health Organization and the recent Cyclone crisis in Ceylon. UN Representative from the U.S. Henry Cabot Lodge to leave on the 28th for month long visit to Iran, Afghanistan and India.

Tactical Nukes Are Next To Go

Matt Eckel at Foreign Policy Watch points to this NYT article discussing the Obama administration's next arms control topic - "non-strategic" or tactical nuclear weapons. From the NYT: Today, the United States retains about 500

Waiting For GOP Moderates

In today's Washington Post, the senior Republican statesmen appeal (again) for their colleagues in the Senate to ratify New START. Republican presidents have long led the crucial fight to protect the United States against nuclear dangers. That

True Colors

Dr. Christopher A. Ford, the U.S. Special Representative for Nuclear Nonproliferation, has joined the exodus from the Bush administration, and headed

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Mike's Blog Roundup

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Mike's Blog Roundup

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