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Bad For Business: 2016 Republicans
Image from: @bluegal

Bad For Business: 2016 Republicans

I have long believed that progressive economic policies are far better for most businesses than the policies of the modern Republican party. Oh, sure, Republicans will do a good job of taking care of their biggest contributors and closest special interest cronies - the Koch brothers won't have to worry much about pollution laws or anti-trust enforcement if the people they support control the government. But for most businesses, progressive policies are going to help them a lot more than they hurt them.

Southern Whites Just Not That Into Mitt Romney

It’s only Tuesday, but this week has already packed some punches for Mitt Romney. A new poll found that Southern whites -- long considered one of the linchpins of the Republicans’ so-called Southern strategy -- are bothered by the GOP

Occupy The DNC

"On Tuesday, a group of more than 100 protesters shouting "Obama is a traitor" temporarily shut down the official bus service that ferries around delegates at the Democratic National Convention. The protesters, some of whom were lying