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Et tu, Mr. Destructo?: White America's Inconvenience Tantrum, Part V: We Start the Pogrom at Ground Zero The Next Web: Clash of the blogosphere titans (h/t Vagabond Scholar) Lawyers, Guns & Money: This why I "support" majoritarian

On Tolerance And Healing

The idea of a mosque being built at Ground Zero has the right foaming at the mouth. The very idea! How could Muslims be so insensitive as to tr

Open Thread

Kathy Griffin, always the bridesmaid, at the Johnston-Palin nuptuals (detail). Full image here. Open thread below....

Mitt Romney Doesn't Know Nukes

A few days ago, former governor Mitt Romney expressed his view in a Washington Post op-ed that the U.S. government's acceptance of the New Strateg

Open Thread

Shorter New Yorker Magazine Huckadoodle profile: He washes away the Palin in three primaries. Open Thread below....