Challenge To Sarah Palin: Produce YOUR Academic Papers

Dear Sarah Palin, You are an ass. A moose's ass. You just opened the lid on Pandora's Box -- a lid you can't slam shut easily, and now I'm gonna call you on it. Now that you've been completely hosed and defeated over the Birther issue that


The headlines screamed: Barack Obama Discovers Cure for Cancer. While throngs in capitals across the globe spontaneously massed to cheer the president’s astounding stamp on the history of humankind, the GOP stampeded to Twitter to spit their

Open Thread

Who paid for that trip? India, paid speaking engagement, natch. Israel, we're assuming SarahPAC, because "dithering" over running for President means free overseas travel for the whole fam. Open thread below....

A Tale Of Two Speeches: Roundup And Reactions

As far as I can tell, the reaction to Palin's video statement and President Obama's speech has been pretty disparate, and interesting. One theme shines through: Both were commenting on the same event, but the focus was very, very different. The

Tea Party Nation Calls For Sarah Palin To Head RNC

Judson Phillips at the Tea Party Nation has decided Sarah Palin should run for head of the Republican National Committee. Here's the text of the letter they sent asking her to run: Dear Governor Palin, John Kennedy once said, “ask not

Things Sarah Palin Loves

Sometimes the pictures tell the story. Sarah Palin's latest Twitter favorite comes to us via Ann Coulter's tweets: What is Ann's new church that Sarah thought was so cool she saved it as a favorite (one of only three, by the way)? If

Shadow-President McCain Endorses Palin, Joins Tea Party

The omnipresent non-President has spoken, and in his latest interview with ABC News, John McCain admits that the Republican Party and the Tea Party are interchangeable parts, and predicts an end to the GOP if they don't jump on the Tea Party